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Best Tips For How To Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

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Amazon is one of the top rated company that focuses on eCommerce, digital streaming, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Amazon Prime is also one of the services offered by Amazon to their customers. This service is very useful and beneficial for those customers who regularly doing shopping from the Amazon site.

In the Amazon Prime Membership, the customer enjoys the benefits of free deliveries, unlimited online photo store on the Amazon cloud server, listening online music, and reading online eBooks, and also access to the Prime Video library. For all that Amazon charges a fee of $119 yearly and $12.99 monthly.

But sometimes if you feel that you have no longer use or required this service, you can cancel it anytime with just doing few steps which are very easy. There can be many reasons behind the cancellation of Amazon Prime Membership. Like you do less shopping from the Amazon site, can't find your favorite movies in the amazon prime video library and may be another reason.

In some way, you have no idea How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership account then don't be take panic. We will guide you by explaining all the steps that you can easily perform at your end for cancelling your Amazon Prime Membership account. It is very easy and fast. Here are the steps:

Firstly go to the site and login to your account.

Now navigate to the top right corner of the page and click on the Accounts & List.

In the drop down menu, select the Your Prime Membership and click on it.
You will get all the information about your Prime Membership page on the left side. Like your preferred payment card, payment history, and also an option on End Membership and Benefits.

When you click on the End Membership and Benefits, a new page will open where Amazon will try to convince you to use the services reminding all the benefits that they provided to you.
Now go to the bottom of the page and select the I Do Not Want My Benefits button.
Click on the "Continue To Cancel" and "Cancel Membership" on the two subsequent screens to cancel your account.
That's it, now your Amazon Prime Membership account has been cancelled.
You can also get refund depend upon the benefits you have used.

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